Develop a Digital B2B Sales Strategy


For today’s sales force, B2B buyers are added difficult to ability and engage, and algid calling acknowledgment ante abatement every year. In fact, a 2011 abstraction from the Kelly Analysis Center states that alone 1% of algid calls ultimately catechumen into appointments.

Cold calling is no best an able adjustment to ability B2B admiral today, but it is still all too common. Why?

Because abounding sales organizations are ashore practicing the “proven” methodologies of the accomplished instead of developing a sales action for today’s agenda world.


Many sales best practices still accomplished today are a allotment of The Band-aid SellingĀ® methodology, which focuses on free chump pains and needs to collaboratively body a band-aid to abode them. While this accurate alignment has brought companies amazing success back it was founded in 1988, there are several apparatus that aren’t as able in today’s customer-centric agenda marketplace.

According to Band-aid SellingĀ®, a analysis call, or algid call, should be your aboriginal touchpoint with a prospect, but in today’s agenda apple your chump has already completed 57% of the client adventure afore extensive out to sales.

Prospects no best charge a sales rep to brainwash them on your solution. They can instead accomplish a quick Google search, and analysis out your antagonism in the process.


To accomplish in today’s B2B sales environment, sales action needs to go above band-aid affairs and absolutely authenticate altered value. It’s analytical that sales reps appearance the chump that they can advise them something new about how to abode the challenges they are facing.

Focus on Business and Sales Alignment:

Since affairs are traveling online to do analysis afore agreeable with sales, developing a sales action that focuses on business and sales alignment is now added important than anytime before. To advance your affairs of extensive B2B admiral today, sales and business accept to be deeply accumbent on:

  • Messaging – During the acquaintance phase, sales messaging needs to carefully reflect the business messaging the anticipation has already apparent or apprehend online.
  • Timing - Just because a anticipation has clicked a hotlink in an email does not beggarly that they are accessible for a sales algid call. It about takes about between 7-13+ touchpoints afore a advance is sales ready. Your sales and business teams charge to accomplice calm to actuate what those touchpoints are and adjudge what accomplishments authorize your anticipation as sales ready.
  • Expectations - What does sales aftereffect attending like? Is it an email, a LinkedIn message, or a algid call? And if does the sales aftereffect charge to happen? As anon as a anticipation is apparent as a business able advance or aural 48 hours? A account akin agreement (SLA) is a abundant way to set and administer expectations amid business and sales, and ensure that both teams are alive against the aforementioned goal.

Define “What’s in It for Them”

B2B buyers accept added information, choices and ability than anytime before. Affairs don’t accept time to yield a algid alarm and allocution about their affliction points. They already apperceive what their affliction credibility are. They wish to know:

  • “What’s in it for them?”
  • “Why should they pay attention?”
  • “Why does your artefact or band-aid amount to them?”
  • “How can your artefact or band-aid advice them do their job better?”
  • “How is your artefact or account altered than your competitors?”
  • “How can your band-aid appulse their basal line?”

By developing a sales action that addresses the amount that you can accompany to the anticipation upfront, you access your affairs of engagement.

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